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ARKeX Instruments

The E.G.G.

Next generation Exploration Gravity Gradiometer - ultra high resolution gravity gradiometer designed and built by ARKeX.



ARKeX is building its own bespoke gravity gradiometer, the EGG (Exploration Gravity Gradiometer). The EGG will be an order of magnitude more sensitive than current instruments enabling a wider range of geologies to be surveyed in greater detail.EGG Sensor

ARKeX already employ the most advanced gravity gradiometry answer available today. However, we believe the technology can deliver even more.

Since its inception, ARKeX has continued to invest heavily in developing innovative, new gravity gradiometry technology. The next generation of device, the EGG, has been designed and built by ARKeX, as a physical reflection of our commitment to furthering the science and delivering the technology required to meet tomorrow's exploration challenges in the oil, gas and mining industries.

The Technology

An evolution of technology originally developed for the European Space Agency, the EGG has been re-engineered for terrestrial-based applications.

The EGG utilizes the concept of superconductivity and operates at 4 degrees above absolute zero (-269°C), which allows greater sensitivity and stability. With its unique technical properties and innovative design the EGG sets new standards in gravity gradiometry technology.EGG undergoing testing

Its target sensitivity is almost an order of magnitude more sensitive than current available systems. The increased resolution will provide unparalleled data quality allowing explorationists to image with greater clarity in even more geologic settings.




The Capability

EGG takes gravity gradiometry to a whole new level of performance. Smaller, more subtle features become obvious. Whether for 3D seismic targeting, 2D seismic infill, or to provide an additional constraint in challenging environments, EGG gives enhanced geophysical data. The examples below show clearly how EGG allows identification of all the Kimberlites from a modelled typical example. Also shown is a typical fault zone, showing how EGG identifies the location of strike slip faults, which are invisible to the existing technology.

EGG response to modelled Kimberlites

EGG News

Quantum Sensor Testing for Future Gravity Gradiometers - January 10, 2013

New EGG (Exploration Gravity Gradiometer) flight test facility for ARKeX - June 18, 2012


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